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FCC17: Kamil Bazelak vs Karl Etherington

Kamil Bazelak

24 września w Even City w Manchesterze, na gali FCC 17 po raz kolejny zmierzę się w walce rewanżowej wielokrotnym medalistą w Judo i byłym zawodnikiem Bellatora, Karlem Etheringtonem.

The fight with Karl Etherington is a huge challenge for me. Karl has amazing judo skills and is a undisputed medalist, but not stronger than me, maybe equal at most. The fight is going to be rather interesting! There will be a lot of fire! I am sure we will both give it our all. I believe in God and that He is going to be on my side during the fight. Greetings to all my Polish people living in the UK. Come to see my fight with Karl Etherington!

Greetings to all Christians and patriots
Kamil Bazelak

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